Department of Defence

The project consists of the refurbishment of the 19th century North Accommodation Block at McKee Barracks, which is a protected structure.
The North Accommodation Block, in its scale, architectural design and detail, both internally and externally, is the most important structure within the McKee Barracks complex.  The North Accommodation Block is a two storey building with third and fourth attic levels contained within the central block and in part of the left and right hand wings.
The refurbishment is being carried out over a number of phases.  The initial phase consisted of refurbishing the existing roof, chimneys and dormer windows.  The second phase consists of refurbishing the existing brickwork and sliding timber sash windows.
The building is fully occupied and operational during the course of the refurbishment works comprising of formal functional rooms, accommodation, kitchen, lounge area at ground floor and sleeping accommodation at first and second floor.

Refurbishment of McKee Barracks
Department of Defence
Dublin 7

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